Healthy Frozen Yogurt
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Healthy Frozen Yogurt.

Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to traditional sweet treats such as ice cream pastries, cookies and cake. Lower in fat and calorie content than any of sweets mentioned above, frozen yogurt not only tastes great, it’s a great choice for a people interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Frozen yogurt also contains probiotics and live cultures that promote digestion, along with a host of other benefits these “good bacteria” provide for your stomach and digestive systems. Additionally, the lactose found in frozen yogurt is digestible by those suffering from lactose intolerance, making frozen yogurt the ideal alternative for lactose intolerant ice cream lovers.

Frozen yogurt is a win-win scenario: a great tasting frozen treat in a very healthy package.

Low in fat Frozen Yogurt
Healthy Frozen Yogurt

The characteristics of a high quality yogurt

Frozen yogurt is consistently lower in fat and calorie content than ice cream and other desert choices, and has become the go-to option for health conscious consumers.

As health consciousness grows, particularly in the area healthy food choices, frozen yogurt is quickly becoming many peoples favorite desert option. With reforms in healthcare, the growing emphasis on preventative medicine and the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices; the popularity and overall demand for frozen yogurt promises to make it a top choice among countless consumers.

For consumers seeking a sweet treat, but also trying to watch their weight and stay healthy, frozen yogurt offers the ideal solution.

Yogurt and Sorbet
Healthy Frozen Yogurt

Most vital ingredients in having a successful Yogurt business .

Frozen yogurt is by far the healthy desert choice, and Open a Yogurt Store’s exclusive Open Your Own Frozen Yogurt Store program gives you the tools to create the healthiest and best tasting frozen yogurt possible.

The products we recommend and the recipes and formula’s we deliver help you make frozen yogurt that’s:

  • Totally healthy
  • Low it fat
  • Full of live cultures
  • Tastes great

With our exclusive Open Your Own Frozen Yogurt Store program, you can launch your own frozen yogurt store and serve the best tasting, most delicious and healthiest frozen yogurt imaginable. You’ll have customers flocking to your store, and you’ll be raking in big profits!

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