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Silver Package: Getting Started on Your Frozen Yogurt Store

  • Find out where to buy the best quality products and produce the healthiest frozen yogurt, at the most competitive prices available in today's marketplace
  • Find a list of many Recipes, formulas and special (secret!) tips and tricks to create the most delicious frozen yogurt, that will have customers flocking to your frozen yogurt store
  • Learn how to create specialty frozen yogurts with Organic and Kosher mixes and tap into the high demand specialty frozen yogurt market
  • Learn how to distinguish among several possible locations for your store. Choose the best location for your frozen yogurt store, and the optimal size (square footage) for your store
  • Find the right Frozen Yogurt powder mix and Liquid based mixes
  • Tips and tricks to get the most value for your buck!
  • Find out about our top Yogurt Distributors