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Platinum Package: Sample Business Plan for Your Frozen Yogurt Store

    You'll receive the blueprint to draft a professional business plan that includes:

    • Executive Summary
    • Products and Services
    • Marketing Plan
    • Risk Analysis
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Management and Organization
    • Personal Financial Statement
    • Startup Expense and Capitalization
    • Financial Plan, including the following templates / worksheets:
      • Cash Flow Budget worksheet
      • Income Statement, Pro Forma Balance Sheet
      • 12 month Profit / Loss Statement
      • Break Even Analysis
      • Payroll template

    Plus Plus, find out:

  • Which manufactures make the best, most reliable and cost effective frozen yogurt machines, how to find the best prices for your frozen yogurt machines, and even which frozen yogurt machine work best for a particular type of mix
  • Where to get the best prices for store appliances, toppings, serving containers, plastic cutlery, and all of the additional miscellaneous items you need to run your frozen yogurt store

And with the Platinum Package, you will receive Part's I and II in addition to the Sample Business Plan – All in One! All of this information is included to you as a special bonus:

  • Find out where to buy the best quality products and produce the healthiest frozen yogurt, at the most competitive prices available in today's marketplace
    Find a list of many Recipes, formulas and special (secret!) tips and tricks to create the most delicious frozen yogurt, that will have customers flocking to your frozen yogurt store
  • Learn how to create specialty frozen yogurts with Organic and Kosher mixes to and tap into the high demand specialty frozen yogurt market
  • Learn how to distinguish among several possible locations for your store. Choose the best location for your frozen yogurt store, and the optimal size (square footage) for your store
  • Find the right Frozen Yogurt powder mix and Liquid based mixes
  • Tips and tricks to get the most value for your buck!
  • Find out about our top Yogurt Distributors
  • Financing options and Small Business Loan (SBA) requirements
  • How to write a Loan Proposal, and draft a Loan Proposal Cover Letter
  • Advice on a developing marketing strategy and writing a marketing plan to implement your marketing strategy
  • Online, print and publication vehicles for advertising and promoting your new frozen yogurt business
  • Instructions for the layout and interior design of your frozen yogurt store and resources for interior design, fixtures, furniture, lighting and more
  • Advice on selecting, appropriate, appealing and customer friendly staff