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Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to traditional sweets like ice cream, milkshakes, pastries, cookies and cakes. To develop a successful frozen yogurt business, you need to offer your customers frozen yogurt that's not only delicious and great tasting, but healthy and low in fat, with plenty of live cultures.

Open a Yogurt Store's exclusive Open Your Own Frozen Yogurt Stores program provide you with the resources to find suppliers offering high quality products (powders, yogurt and more) at competitive price. Our program also offer you the recipes and formulas, with **secret** industry tricks and tips, to make the best tasting yogurt you can imagine. Our program even gives you the techniques to prepare specialty items such as organic & kosher mixes

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Frozen yogurt machines

Frozen Yogurt Machine.

The manufacturer and model type both play a part in the quality and taste of frozen yogurt. Certain models of frozen yogurt machines are ideal for making certain types of yogurt. The wrong mix in the wrong machine will make bad yogurt, and send customers fleeing from your frozen yogurt store, never to return.


Open a Yogurt Store's exclusive Open Your Own Frozen Yogurt Stores program includes all the information you need to select the right machine to produce delicious frozen yogurt, satisfying your customers and making your frozen yogurt store a hit!

Each machine Open a Yogurt Store recommends has been carefully evaluated for easy assembly, cleaning and maintenance. We recommend frozen yogurt machines that have been used in highly successful frozen yogurt stores

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Ideal solution

Be Your Own Boss—No Experience Necessary

With Open a Yogurt Store's exclusive program and a little good old fashion hard work, you'll have your frozen yogurt store up and running in no time. No more working for someone else, worrying about layoffs or pay cuts. Open your own frozen yogurt business and take control of your future.

Benefits of opening your own frozen yogurt store:

The Future Looks Bright!

The frozen yogurt business is a growing enterprise with a rapidly expanding consumer base. Past performance indicates an extremely positive outlook for the next 2-5 years. That means big profits for your business in the years to come.

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